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A collaborative process with residents, resulting in a requirements for a community-focused hub that promotes social interaction, inclusivity, and a sense of freedom for all generations.



Jul 2023


Sept 2023



This co-creation journey engaged both residents and market stakeholders in shaping a community-centered mobility hub. Together, they defined five golden criteria for creating valuable public spaces, which were seamlessly integrated into the mobility hub's design. The outcome is a forward-looking vision that has yielded a comprehensive list of requirements.

These requirements promotes a mobility hub that

fosters inclusivity, enhances connections, and creates

a sense of belonging for the entire community.




A specific approach was carefully crafted to guide the residents and facilitate a creative mindset throughout the co-creation sessions. This approach can be broken down into the following key steps:

1 & 2: Exploring & Identifying: Residents were encouraged to bring examples of inviting public spaces that resonated with them. This assignment aimed to stimulate their creative thinking and set the stage for the upcoming discussions.

Residents shared their individual perspectives and insights during group discussions while collectively identifying common themes and core values within the selected examples.

3. Formulation of Golden Criteria: From these group discussions, residents collectively formulated five golden criteria for valuable public spaces. These criteria were derived from the shared insights and values that emerged from the discussed examples.

Templates cocreatie - gold criteria.png
Templates cocreatie - gold criteria.png

​4. Projection to the Mobility Hub: The next step involved applying these golden criteria to the planned mobility hub. Residents were encouraged to brainstorm how these criteria could be seamlessly integrated into the hub's design and functionality. This process included translating the criteria into specific features and design elements.

Templates cocreatie - projectie.png

​5.Future Vision: To gain a profound understanding of the potential impact of the mobility hub, residents were invited to project their insights and criteria into the future. They were tasked with writing a (future) newspaper article envisioning the hub's role in enhancing the community's social fabric.

Templates cocreatie - visie.png

The session yielded invaluable insights, highlighting profound sentiments of freedom, self-sufficiency, safety, and reciprocity. These insights serve as a compass for the development of the mobility hub, grounding it in the shared vision of the residents.

Through the co-creation journey and the thoughtful integration of the residents' golden criteria, we've empowered the community to actively shape the mobility hub. The result is more than just a transportation hub;

it's a
vibrant space that
fosters inclusivity,
- strengthens connections,
- cultivates a profound sense of belonging for everyone.



The requirements that resulted out of this session as wel as the one with market stakeholders is the base for the (co)design of the hub, the fundament for the municipality, in collaboration with the architect and (mobility) providers.

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