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Several posters designed on request or meant as inspirational (design process) tools. Visual storytelling is their common ground.


collage Contra.png

| Inspiration Collage | Contra |

Strikingly different things accentuating each other, proposing an even more powerful message than it would be when its opposite message wouldn't be alongside itself.

step outside.jpg

| Inspiration Collage | Influence |

Open-minded thinking, Black & White thinking, Neutral thinking, What do you think? Think twice,Who controls it?

Nothing changed.png

| Inspiration Collage | Shots of influence |⁣

Your blind spot gets a lot of secret attention: ⁣
influences fly in from every unexpected corner.⁣

abstract collage.jpg

| Inspiration Collage | Standing in between |

What step to take? Is it about right or left; or right or wrong?

diverisity of spring.png

| Inspiration Collage | That time of the year |

Step into the season of ice cream-stains; the smell of squeezed lemons; the surprise-element of flowers; the heat glowing from your sunburn-shoulders: it is Spring stepping into Summer.

geometric collage.png

| Inspiration Collage | A-symmetrical geometric variation|

What if geometry is combined with a bit of chaos? Or with a-symmetry? Does it become less beautiful? Shouldn't the factors influencing the opinion on this 'beauty-vision' become less specified?

Poster HC_1_websiteversion.png

| Poster upon request |

A dream came true for the owner of the story that's being visually told above. The fairytale route through the hilly German landscape driving not once, but twice in two very enchanting vehicles.


| Poster upon request |

A Special day, a special moment: the owner of the story told above realized that the occasion asked for a special graphic composition to enhance the beauty of the moment.

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